Christmas day and a magical full moon! The (mostly) good feelings associated with this holiday and the potency of a full moon are a ripe pair for magical manifesting. Set the stage for meaningful manifesting with a simple ceremony.

Clear a space to do your creative work by burning sage incense, dried sage or Palo Santo wood (my favorite). If weather permits, this can be done outside directly under the light of the moon, where energy is most strongly felt.

Place a large, open jar of tap water in the moonlight to capture the vibration for later uses like rinsing divination tools, watering a favorite plant or to perform a blessing to make your own holy water.

Light a votive candle and allow the flame to burn while you write down a list of things you'd like to release. What are you holding onto that no longer serves a positive purpose in your life? This may include memories of someone or something that you've lost, fears you've conjured from things people have told you about yourself, excess weight or unwanted habits. Whatever comes to mind, write it down. Nothing is too big, small or insignificant.

After you've written your list, tie it to a wooden stick, twig or a hanger and hold it in the flame of the burning candle. Release those thoughts as the paper withers and turns to ash and soot. 

Allow the votive to burn out. When it extinguishes, prepare a warm bath and add a generous amount of sea salt or Epsom salt. Add 10-15 drops of purifying essential oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, white camphor, sweet orange or tea tree (melaleuca). A single oil or a mixture will work equally well.

Set a healing intention for your bath soak by saying a prayer, reciting an affirmation, chanting or just speaking words over the water. Immerse your body in the tub and release all worries and anxieties. Soak for as long as you like (at least 20 minutes). Drain the water from the tub and shower to wash away any residue or debris from the energy you've just released.

Give thanks for the healing that has occurred and get on with your holiday season. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!

November 2015 Moon Phases

Moon phases refer to the rhythmic dance between the sun and the moon, as experienced on Earth. A complete cycle, from new moon to new moon, is about 29.5 days. As each phase occurs, different manifesting energies are supported. Armed with an understanding of how moon energies impact our earthbound existence, we can leverage the patterns of moon phases to boost the power of our intentions.

November 3, 2015 - Last Quarter Moon

Last quarter moons culminate the complete moon cycle. Release what is unwanted and trust that a way will be made for the new energy of the new moon. What habits, people, places and things do you wish to release? Light a white candle and use this energy to construct a list and get busy putting a period on unwanted, unnecessary energy. Think of anything you'd like to let go. Get comfortable and allow yourself to enter a meditative state. Write your list. Include any mental and physical clutter, personal associations that have been less than mutually satisfying, addictions, excess weight and false beliefs. After writing the list, read it one last time with an intention to say goodbye. Give thanks for the lessons learned from everything on this list. When you're finished, attach it to a stick and burn in the flame of the candle, freeing the energy to be purified, transmuted and returned to the ether for positive recycling. The most pronounced last quarter moon energy occurs on November 3rd, but November 2nd is also powerfully supportive.

November 11, 2015 - New Moon

New moons present us with new beginnings and opportunities to discover our potential. Light a bonfire, candle or fireplace. Write a list of new projects you're planning. Ask to be guided to the best plan that will lead to your greatest success. Tie the list to a stick and offer it to the fire while meditating on your desires. The strongest new moon influence occurs on November 10th, 11th and 12th.

November 19, 2015 - First Quarter

First quarter moon energy supports changes that need to be made in order to manifest your new moon desires. What do you want to attract to your life - love, protection, your life's purpose? Set aside time to meditate on something you want to welcome into your life. Light a white candle and stare into the flame. Breathe deeply several times into your heart chakra. When you feel ready, describe in detail the thing you wish to attract into your life. Use terms that flush out a three-dimensional description. Don't be afraid to dream big. End your commentary with, "AND SO IT IS. THANK YOU." Sign and date your descriptive and hold it to your heart for several minutes. When you finish, tie it to a stick and burn it in the flame of the candle, allowing the smoke to carry your intentions out to the universe. The strongest quarter moon influence occurs on November 18th, 19th and 20th.

November 25, 2015 - Full Moon

Full moon energy is all about possibility. It is when events in, and results from your actions up to this point come to a peak. The full moon reveals what has been hidden or what has eluded you. It is a time to ask for clarity about what's happening in your life. The full moon is a great time to cleanse crystals, make essences and magical mists, and to journal. Light a white candle and burn myrrh incense for spiritual opening. Sit quietly and ask what Spirit would like you to know right now that is in your highest and best interest. Write down anything that comes to mind. After you stop writing, give thanks for Divine guidance. Full moon energy is strongest on November 25th and 26th.

Autumn rituals, spells and activities

autumn ritual title.png

The autumnal equinox occurred on September 23rd. This is the season of Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Autumn Dziady, All Saints' Day, Samhain and Thanksgiving. Many Pagans (those who hold religious beliefs outside of the major world religions), believe this is the time of year when the veil that separates the spirit world from the physical world grows thinner. It is a time when we are able to more easily connect with fairies, spirits and loved ones who have transitioned. The thinning of the veil is also a great time to perform manifesting rituals --- inviting the energy of our desires to cross over from the spirit realm and take form on the material plane where we exist. Here are some of our favorite seasonal activities to enrich and commemorate this time of year. These practices are not associated with a specific religion.

Host a candle chain

Invite friends, family and neighbors over for a candle chain. This can be really fun, and it's easy to do. Each guest or participant should bring their own candle. Only one candle is needed to represent each household. Candles can be of any variety -- tealight, handmade or store bought will suffice. It helps if each person's candle looks different so they can recognize their own.

Place all of the unlit candles on a table. The host/hostess lights his/her candle and says a short affirmation. The candle is then used to light another candle on the table. The owner of the newly lit candle states a short affirmation while lighting another candle. This continues until all the candles are lit. The last person to light a candle can close out the activity by offering words of gratitude and appreciation for the affirmed blessings received. Allow the candles to burn during the remainder of the gathering.

Adopt an ancestor

Grab a plastic grocery bag and work gloves and head over to a local cemetery. Arrange to meet a few others the entrance. Host a procession and strew flowers over the graves along the way (get permission from the cemetery). If you see graves that need tending, ask your intuition if it is the right thing to do. If you get confirmation, use the grocery bag to carry away debris and dead leaves.

Adopt a living ancestor

Cold weather can limit the mobility of elders, leaving them in need of assistance. Make this the time of year that you offer extra support to an aging parent, uncle, aunt or community member. Schedule regular visits when you can run an errand, help sort through and read mail, pay a bill or just talk and, even more important, listen. Interview them about how they used to celebrate this time of year.

Magical movies marathon

Daylight savings time has ended. Short days and cold nights drive us indoors for cozy evening activities. Put on a pot of hot cider and host a Magical Movies Marathon. Practical Magick (drama), The Gift (adult themed suspense/thriller), The Good Witch series (light-hearted), The Golden Compass (child- friendly fantasy), Hugo (child-friendly fantasy), and Bridge to Terabithia (child-friendly fantasy) all work well with this theme. Invite a few friends over and make it a potluck.

Grief-healing spell

The holiday season can be hard for those who have lost loved ones. Remembrance often gives way to deep-seated feelings of loss, leading to depression and emotional fatigue. To regain proper perspective, soak a rose quartz, amethyst and hematite in a clear glass of water overnight. Each morning when you awake, remove the stones one at a time, holding each over your head and allow a few drops of water to fall.  Each time (total of 3 each morning) recite: "Lovely gem to wounded souls, find and fill the aching holes. Set to right what grief has rent; further anguish please prevent." Repeat this exercise each morning until your feelings of sadness dissipate.


Vibrations of Carrier OIls

Vibrations of Carrier Oils

We all know that essential oils carry specific vibrations that support and heal in many ways. But what about the vibration of the carrier oils we use in rituals, potions and bath products. Just like ther essential oil couterparts, carrier oils bring an energy of their own that supports the intention of the mixture and synergizes the ingredients. A unique characteristic of allc arrier oils is their flexibility to be programmed for a specific intention by writing all the ingredients or the proposed use for the oil on a piece and placing it under the bottle for 24 hours. For enhanced results, here's a list of carrier oils and their 'magical' properties.

  • Apricot kernel oil is warm and hardy. It literally feeds the energy body and supports and protects love, menopause, PMS and childbirth. It resonates with the female cosmos and, just as women are nurturers of both males and females, apricot kernel oil protects anyone, regardless of gender. Lasts for six-to-12 months.
  • Look at an avocado and what do you see? A pregnant belly. Avocado oil is thick, dense and earthy. It is a powerful addition to any love potion. The vibration is certain to bring physical sexuality to the surface, so beware. Because of its alignment with fertilization, procreation and fruitfulness, this oil can be helpful in business and money matters. Like the appearance of the fruit itself, avocado oil supports the birthing of ideas into the material world. Use within three months.
  • Borage oil supports a connection with the higher mind. It reveals truths and resolves legal and relationship problems. It resonates with courage, uprightness and coming into alignment with a situation to see it for what it is. Use this oil only when you're ready, honestly ready to resolve an issue. If refrigerated, this oil may last for up to three months.
  • Evening primrose oil is like a tried, true and loyal friend. It protects, guards and strengthens. Use when there is a need to see things more clearly, to strengthen paranormal gifts and clairvoyance. Lasts for three-to-six months.
  • Grape seed oil is also referred to as "the food of the gods." It supports spiritual development and makes an excellent base for mixing oils to anoint yourself or statues of dieties or objects used in rituals. Its neutrality makes it a powerful all purpose oil. It awaits an imprint and then amplifies the message and carries it to higher dimensions. Use within three-to-four months.
  • Jojoba oil travels deep into the skin and carries anything it is mixed with. It makes an amazing anointing oil. It is a great base for recipes that support perseverance and hardship. It wards away depression and depression and prevents you from giving up too soon. Jojoba oil has a shelf life of nine-to-12 months.
  • Olive oil was called "Liquid Gold" by ancient Greek poet and author of Iliad and The Odyssey, Homer. It is associated with health, wealth, success and joy. as a carrier oil, olive oil is great for money and success potions. Lasts for nine months.
  • Peack kernel oil comes from peach trees which are recorded to have grown for the last 6,000 years. Peach trees don't live long, but the fruit is believed to extend the life of those who consume them. Peach kernel oil holds the memory of its ancestry in service to mankind. It brings powerful magic that is associated with longevity and Faerie magic. In a love potion, peach kernel oil brings a vibration in alignment with long and spiritual relationships. Lasts three months.
  • Sweet almond oil is gently supportive. It is an all purpose oil that stands ready to embody and synergize the energies of other ingredients.
  • Sunflower oil is imbued with the energy of the sun. It is powerful and life-giving by nature. Use it when you desire rapid growth and amplification of positive energy. Lasts for up to a year.

Energy Clearing for Home and Office

Energy clearing is as important as cleaning house. Nearly all lightworkers, spiritual teachers and healers know the importance of space clearing at home and in the workplace. Year after year, emotions and events leave imprints and vibrations that hinder positive energy flow. Illness, arguments, gossip, negative thoughts, violence and death all create stagnation and energy blocks in an environment. It is especially important to perform energy clearing before moving into a new residence, when starting a new job, after ending a relationship or when starting a new project. It is also wise to clear a space when a roommate moves out, after buying used items (clothing, furniture, antiques, etc.) and after decluttering. Some indicators of blocked energy are an inability to focus on or complete tasks, feelings of depression, confusion, or unexplained sadness and fear. Exposure to this dense energy can rob you of peaceful sleep and increase stress and anxiety. Your home may be in need of energy clearing if you feel uncomfortable or if anyone in the house is chronically ill.

We are exposed to unwanted energy every day. We have no control over others' human suffering and abuse, but we are exposed to the fallout of that energy. It clings to innocents and can be unknowingly carried into your home by a house guest or a family member. Some particularly vulnerable workplaces are courthouses, jails, foster family agencies, therapists offices, foster homes, hospitals and institutions that aid under served populations. Toxic offices where employees complain, bicker or feel they are poorly treated are magnets for unwanted energy. The good news is that it's relatively easy to clear energy at home or at work.

Declutter: Getting rid of items that are not being used is an excellent way to clear energy at home and at work. Remember that anything you possess forms a tether that weighs you down and slows positive, productive energy flow. If your business is floundering, or if you have been unable to manifest the results you desire in your personal or professional life, it is likely that you are burdened by incomplete projects, abandoned ideas and a collection of "stuff" that may never be used. It is helpful to routinely clean file cabinets, empty storage boxes and clear out closets and drawers at home and at work. Release the need to hold onto things 'just in case.' This notion invites an energy of lack. Give yourself permission to honestly walk away from things you know you're never going to do. This will cut the tethers and enable you to soar higher in pursuit of more goals that resonate with your soul.

Smudge your body: To clear your aura of unwanted energy, light a sage stick, leaf or incense. Stretch your arms away from your body to create a 'curtain' of smoke. If you are Reiki-attuned, draw Cho Ku Rei on the sage stick before lighting or draw it in the smoke and before walk through the curtain. You can say words like, "Smoke of sage, surround me; purify and protect me from any and all unwanted energy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Salt spray: Charge one gallon of spring or distilled water by placing under moonlight overnight, making sure not to expose it to sunlight. Add several tablespoons of sea salt to a spray bottle and fill with the charged water. Shake the mixture. Hold the spray bottle in both hands and set an intention to use this mixture to fill your home or office with light, bright, happy, positive energy. At home, step onto your front porch and face the front door. Spray a few times toward the door. Turn to your left and spray the wall, then turn to the right and do the same. spray around the frame of the door. Walk into the house and walk counter clockwise misting towards the walls and into corners, up at the ceiling and along baseboards. Do this in every room paying special attention to closets and corners. Say something like, "Malicious energies are not welcome here. This home/office is protected with white light. Angels and ancestors bless this space and bring peace, love and protection."

Sound: Certain noises can powerfully remove stagnant and unwanted energy from a space. Put on some happy music and sing aloud. Stick to lyrics that are uplifting. If you have a small bell, walk through all the rooms and ring softly in every corner. Tingsha bells are inexpensive and easy to find. Dedicate a pair to space clearing and healing. A spiritual rattle will also break up stuck energy. There are many other ways to do energy clearing at home and at work. Clapping, crystals, holy water and scents can be very effective. Use one of these methods or research your own.

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